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Multimetco is an industry-leading recycler of precious metals from spent automotive and industrial catalyst. As one of the original refining facilities for auto catalyst recycling, Multimetco has grown into one of the world's largest and most trusted precious metal recyclers. Through our smelting facility in Anniston, Alabama, and an extensive global warehouse and purchasing network, we harness the experience and expertise to handle all of your catalyst recycling needs.


Multimetco operates several purchasing facilities across the United States. Sellers can deliver materials to the closest facility or call to arrange for pickup by a Multimetco company truck. Find a location nearest you.

We also assist sellers through our large-scale buying network, which spans across the globe. Contact us directly for a tailored program that best fits your global needs.


Multimetco operates purchasing facilities, partnerships and warehouses around the world. Our corporate offices and main manufacturing facilities are based in Anniston, Alabama. Our plant is conveniently located near Interstate 20, approximately halfway between Birmingham, Alabama, and Atlanta, Georgia.


As a technologically advanced recycler, Multimetco acquires unusable, scrapped catalytic converters from automobiles and spent catalysts from petroleum refining, suitable for recovering precious metals from them. The precious metals recovered include alumina and cordierite ceramic substrates, which yield platinum, palladium and rhodium when processed. ALU-CAL-fused calcium aluminate and 409 stainless steel are extracted from the catalytic converter hulls and sold in supersacks (ALU-CAL and stainless steel) or bulk trailer loads (stainless steel) and is sold to high-grade steel manufacturers. We also process catalysts and provide the precious metals to the owner on a toll-refining basis.

Multimetco is unique because our company is the pioneer for the precious metals recovery process. Our patented process is specially designed to fully recover precious metals from catalysts. Each catalyst begins its journey by being placed in a state-of-the-art plasma arc furnace. The furnace distributes high heat along the catalyst containing precious metals. This results in the catalyst being melted into two metal products: 1) precious metals and 2) precious metal alloy. During the recovery process, the precious metals are separated from the catalyst where they collect at the bottom of the furnace. Here, the precious metals are recovered and made available for use. Similarly, the precious metal alloy is separated from the catalyst and then is tapped, cooled and milled. It is further refined to create platinum, palladium and rhodium. Any leftover metal from the alloy is allowed to flow out of the furnace where it is cooled and crushed. In addition to our specialized recovered process, we also operate an on-site precious metal lab capable of analyzing contents of the precious metals. This lab makes it possible for us to provide continued high-quality control and superior support for our customers.


In the 1970s, the plasma arc furnace was developed to recover precious metals from scrapped automobile catalytic converters. In July of 1989, Multimetco purchased the precious metals refinery from Texasgulf Minerals and Metals, a subsidiary of French oil and chemical company Elf Aquitaine, Inc. Since then, Multimetco has continued to modify and improve its plasma arc technology, recovering precious metals from converters and other types of catalyst from sellers around the world.