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Catalytic converters contain various materials, such as those from platinum group metals, that make recycling them a valuable process. Precious metals recycling, however, can be a tedious process for those who try to undertake it on their own. Fortunately, Multimetco's precious metal refining process can handle all of this for you. There are a variety of services we provide to handle all of your catalyst recycling needs.

Purchase Decanned Auto Catalyst

If you've already decanned your auto catalyst, we'll purchase it directly and handle everything ourselves. Multimetco offers highly competitive rates and accurate, timely data reporting. Regardless of the size of your lot, we are flexible when it comes to our catalyst smelting. Our national purchasing sites make delivery easy and your lots will receive a thorough analysis in our on-site laboratory. We're able to handle your decanned catalytic converter recycling needs quickly from start to finish, so contact us via email or phone to become a trusted partner.

Purchase Whole Catalytic Converters

Multimetco will also purchase whole catalytic converters to accommodate you and your precious metal refining needs. Our global purchasing network makes it easy to deliver your converters and receiving fair pricing. We'll work with you to tailor a program that meets all of your catalytic converter recycling needs. We accept pellet converters, which have a pellet or beaded type of catalyst material, and monolith converters, which contain a honeycomb-like structure inside the converter. This means we can handle all of the catalytic converter needs you may have. Contact us via email or phone today to become a trusted partner.

Toll Refined Spent PGM Petroleum Catalyst

Multimetco understands that you also might want to handle selling your own metals. That's why we offer refining on a toll refined basis. This means that we'll handle the catalyst smelting for you, but you'll still maintain ownership over your precious metals. We also allow you to build your own personal and secure online catalog to help you grow your business. You'll receive great rates and accurate, timely data reporting. Contact us by email or phone to become a trusted partner today.